Legal Requirements

You must complete a Notice of Intended Marriage (download here) at least 1 month and no more than 18 months before you wish to marry. I also have copies of the form.

You must show me the following documents:
As Proof of Date and Place of Birth:
A birth certificate, or a passport

Other photo ID eg drivers' licence, passport or student card

As proof of termination of a previos marriage:
If previously married and divorced, a divorce certificate previously known as a decree absolute
If previously married and widowed, the death certificate of the deceased spouse

Documents in a foreign language must be accompanied by a certified translation into English. There are several translation services available in Victoria and they can be found in the Yellow Pages directory. The Victorian Government business enterprise translating service, the Victorian Interpreting & Translating Services, can be contacted on 9280 1955. They also have a Website:

All documents MUST be the original copies NOT photocopies.

There are certain legal elements required within each marriage ceremony and I will explain those to you in a meeting.