Wedding Celebrant

"Marriage is the union of Two Souls" (Kahlil Gibran)

Congratulations on your forth coming marriage. I have a friendly, happy and relaxed approach to weddings and am totally committed to giving you the type of ceremony that you want. Some people have lots of ideas; others don't know where to start. My job is to give you as much assistance as you need.
I offer you:

  • At least two interviews – more if required. The first interview is at no cost to you.
  • Unlimited phone consultation and email consultation.
  • All legal documentation (see legal Requirements) and registration of your marriage.
  • A "Creating your own Ceremony" resource guide which includes information about the legal requirements, the structure and choreography of the ceremony, a selection of readings, poetry, examples of vows, words for the exchange of rings and information about symbols and cultural traditions.
  • Suggestions about including symbols and rituals for example rose exchange or giving, hand fasting, candle lighting, tying the knot and others.
  • Suggestions about how to include other people in your ceremony, especially children and parents.
  • The loan of additional resources such as Poetry and Readings, Cd's.
  • A personally written ceremony reflecting you, as a couple – this is completed in consultation with you.
  • You will always receive drafts of your ceremony so you will be able to make any changes you wish before the final copy.
  • A free wedding rehearsal at the venue if practical, or at another suitable venue.
  • A beautifully presented copy of your marriage ceremony.
  • A PA system and CD player so your guests hear every word.
  • In addition, I am happy to listen to any request that you have and to accommodate these if possible.