Other Ceremonies

Naming Days

"Your children are .... the sons and daughters of life itself" (Kahlil Gibran)
Welcome your child into your family and the community with a special Naming Ceremony to celebrate his or her birth and to give meaning to the name you have chosen. Ceremonies can include godparents, mentors, guardians, parents and grandparents. A Certificate of Naming and a presentation copy of the Ceremony is presented to the parents on behalf of the child. Godparents and grandparents may also receive certificates in commemoration of this occasion. I can offer you suggestions for readings and the use of symbols and I also provide you with a booklet of some ceremonies I have performed in the past. Contact me to discuss your child's Naming ceremony – 0413538202

Renewal of Marriage Vows

A Wedding Anniversary is a wonderful time not only to celebrate the success of your marriage but to reconnect through a renewal of your marriage vows. You can include the details of your original wedding day but this is also a marvelous opportunity to reflect on and celebrate the important milestones of your time together as a couple. Children, family members and friends can also participate. Of course, it doesn't have to be an anniversary to have a Renewal of Vows ceremony! I can provide you with ideas and offer suggestions for readings, music and symbols.

Commitment and Same Gender Ceremonies

It is my belief that every couple has the right to a ceremony which celebrates their love and commitment to one another. A ceremonyis a wonderful way to publicly state your love for your life partner. This ceremony gives an acknowledgement to your commitment to one another and enables you to share your happiness with family and friends. Although not legally binding such a ceremony has the intent to be a moral and ethical bond. Like other ceremonies, I write this ceremony just for you. I can assist you in making suggestions about your ceremony and am able to provide you with additional resources

Pet Funerals and Memorials

Animals give unconditional love, companionship and enjoyment. The loss of a pet is often felt as keenly as the loss of a human being. Pets have been part of our lives and if we lose them we grieve.Say goodbye to your beloved animal friends in a ceremony of thanks and celebration ~ and hold them in your heart for ever.